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Holistic Assisted Birth

Holistic Assisted Birth

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A Holistic Assisted Birth is the process of an independent labor usually preformed in the comfort of the mothers home. Home births are very individual, each mother and her family get to decide what kind of experience they want to share. As well, each mother will have different health needs and ideas on what a birthing experience should be like. Herbalist Shenika is here to help bring your desires to fruition in a safe and healthy way. Shenika does not have qualifications to administer common pain relief medications (such as an epidural, epidural analgesia, nitrous oxide, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, pethidine or sterile water injections.) Choosing a Herbalist centred Birth worker means the support you will receive is emotional, physical, educational, spiritual and drug free. Herbalist Shenika uses plant medicine and holistic practices to relive pain and manage stress during labor. She will also provide postpartum care within the following weeks to help the new parents adjust and rest. Price is subject to change depending on the individual needs and desires of each client.

Water Birth: are exactly as sounds. The mother is partially under water during labor. This style can be achieved in many way depending on the space and mothers desire.

Lotus Birth: refers to the ritual that takes place after baby and placenta have been birthed. Specially elected herbs are placed on the placenta. The baby stays attached to the placenta until it falls off naturally.

Home Birth: Some women want a drug free birth at home without being in water or outside. Expecting mothers have designed incredibly creative spaces within empty rooms or living room spaces in their home. Every blanket, every pillow and every aspect of the aesthetic fit perfect to their desires.

Outdoor Birth: For the women who enjoy nature to their core so much so, that they wish to give birth in a natural environment, or for the women who want to creatively design their backyard to a birthing haven. An outdoor birth may be what's best suited for you. Don't worry about the cleanliness or the privacy, that's Herbalist Shenika’s job. Just be confident enough to share what you truly desire for your birthing experience. Together, you and Shenika will bring your desires to life.

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